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Success Stories

Connecting through language and literacy.

LVSC students come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds and represent more than 40 different countries around the world. Their goals are equally diverse.

For some, success may be defined by the simple action of ordering a cup of coffee without assistance.  For others, obtaining full-time employment due to the strength of their English language skills may be their ultimate goal. 

No matter their goals, LVSC is here to educate, support, and encourage our adult English learners.  Here are some of their stories:

Kathy & Esengul: The Gift of Friendship

Kathy & Esengul working together at the local library.

"I wanted to give back to the community. Little did I imagine that while I was helping people to improve their basic reading skills or to speak better English I would receive at least as much in return."

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Anda & Bachittar: Traveling the World

"My student has challenged me with his continuing and innate curiosity: he shares discovered podcasts and websites for English language learning which have added fresh materials to our lessons and have helped him see that he is one of many, all striving to improve their skills."

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Carol & Junghee: Something New to Teach and Something New to Learn

"I feel very lucky to be a Literacy Volunteer and very lucky to have an inquisitive student who is willing to learn and share."

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Tutor Jennifer: What Would I Do?

"I find myself constantly challenged in new ways, as I try to teach in an effective, yet fun, way. The 'why' questions seem to stump me – just when I think I have sufficiently explained a grammar rule, some irregular situation doesn’t fit the 'rule,' and I just can’t explain 'why.'"

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Kathryn & Diane: A Better Life

"When we settled down in Montgomery I realized I needed to know better what my kids were doing in school. I needed to communicate with their teachers."

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Tutor Jackie: R-O-B

"When I began my tutoring work with Literacy Volunteers many years ago, I was assigned to an English-speaking student. His name was Rob. He was 22 years old and he couldn’t read—I mean not one word. He could name some of the 26 letters, but he had no idea what sounds they made."

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