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Success Stories

A Better Life

Tutor Kathryn:

I have been a part of LVSC for nearly 12 years. Until my match up with Diane, I have always worked with small groups of women who are not native American speakers. Diane is my first 'private' student and the first to be really focused on writing. I've learned a lot about language structure from my students: Russian and Chinese do not have articles. The way we order words in some sentences is NOT logical in some otherlanguages and no one pronounces the “th” in Kathryn without some practice.

I've also learned that coming to a new country and learning a new language slower than your children do makes for some difficult parenting issues (especially teenagers!). I'm proud to have 'launched' a few students with improved speaking and writing skills so they can continue to develop their own life skills in English.

Learner Diane:

I came to the United States when I was 19 in 1997. I came by myself and lived with my aunt in Brooklyn. I came to the US because I was looking for a better life. When I was a student in China, I dreamed I would be in New York City one day. My friends and my relatives had already come to NYC and they encouraged me to join them. When I arrived I was in the Chinese community for a month before I realized I had to learn better English for my new country. I went to daily English class in Brooklyn for 3 months while I worked in a sewing factory. I realized this was not the kind of life I wanted. I decided to find a better job. I apprenticed in a Chinese restaurant.. After many years my husband and I established a restaurant in Hillsborough NJ. We had a house in Montgomery and two wonderful kids. When we settled down in Montgomery I realized I needed to know better what my kids were doing in school. I needed to communicate with their teachers. I talk to myself I have to continue learning my English especially writing. I went to Hillsborough library and found the LVSC. I found a great tutor who's name is Kathryn. She helped me a lot in reading, writing and my personal issues. Thanks LVSC! I am very proud to become a part of LVSC!