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Become an ESL tutor! Training provided. LEARN MORE.

Our Programs

Welcoming volunteers teach English skills.

The adults we serve are parents, frontline workers, and colleagues. They are our neighbors and friends in Somerset County, New Jersey.

LVSC students live busy lives made more complicated and stressful by a lack of English literacy skills. Our unique programs focus on helping students with practical, everyday English needs. Services are free, and offered at a time and place convenient for the student.

One-to-One & Small Group Tutoring

LVSC trains volunteers to become literacy tutors and matches them with adult students seeking to improve their English literacy skills.

Tutors and students work together to identify the student's real-life goals. These goals are limitless, but some examples include: getting a better job, improving workplace skills, communicating with a child's teacher, participating in a child's classroom activities, becoming a U.S. citizen, voting in an election, and volunteering in the community. Tutors structure weekly lesson plans to help students improve the literacy skills they need to achieve their goals.

English Conversation Groups

Students have the opportunity to practice their English conversation skills in a group setting. Through participation, students not only improve English language comprehension and usage, but they also gain confidence in speaking English, connect with others while  practicing everyday conversation, and become culturally acclimated.

Weekly conversation groups are led by a trained LVSC tutor. Each week the group leader introduces a topic, such as workplace skills, U.S. culture, financial literacy, or going to the doctor. The group proceeds with vocabulary related to the topic, modeled conversation, and role play.

U.S. Citizenship Preparation Classes

Individuals who have submitted their N-400 application form for naturalization receive free one-to-one tutoring with a trained volunteer.

This program offering includes a review of the U.S. naturalization process, study of the 100 civics questions and vocabulary needed to pass the test, and modeled practice for the naturalization interview.