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Tutors and students, please read LVSC's meeting policy: HERE.

Our Impact

Literacy lasts a lifetime.

Last year, LVSC provided:

1-to-1 Tutoring

2,500+hours of free tutoringby103volunteer tutorsfor160adult learners

English Conversation Groups

650+hours of discussionin10conversation groupsfor150adult learners

US Citizenship Preparation Support

100+hours of free instructionfor35adult learners


  • 90 new students enrolled
  • 3 tutor training sessions conducted
  • 47 new tutors trained
  • 17 students attended beginner ESL classes

With your help, our students accomplished goals big and small:

  • 205 improved their conversation skills
  • 144 improved their ability to read
  • 98 improved their ability to write
  • 98 attained wellness & healthy lifestyle goals
  • 90 met employment and work-related goals
  • 79 increased citizenship knowledge and skills
  • 60 increased involvement in their children's educational activities

...and more!

Literacy Matters

Trained tutors develop customized lessons to help students with their everyday needs.

Tutoring is offered at a time and place convenient to the student. Flexibility and useful lessons lead to success.

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Student Spotlight

"Grandma, come on, time to study!"

Meet Sandra, who shares her journey to learning English and becoming a U.S. citizen.

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