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Success Stories

What Would I Do?

Tutor Jennifer:

What would I do if I couldn’t read a book? I can’t even imagine that! I never go anywhere without a book. And that fear of not being able to read was what originally inspired me to take the LVSC tutor training many years ago. But once I started the training classes, I realized most of LVSC’s students were not native-English speakers, and I became even more excited about the prospect of working with students from other countries.

I have tutored students from Colombia, Sierra Leone, China, Egypt and Haiti. Each student has been at a different level, and each has had a different way of learning and a different way of absorbing information. I find myself constantly challenged in new ways, as I try to teach in an effective, yet fun, way. The “why” questions seem to stump me – just when I think I have sufficiently explained a grammar rule, some irregular situation doesn’t fit the “rule,” and I just can’t explain “why.” I am reminded again how difficult English is and I’m humbled by my students’ efforts.

For each thing I teach my students, I learn five things in return. It has been a fascinating journey to learn about my students and their native cultures. I share in their personal joys, such as obtaining U.S. citizenship or watching them send their children off to college. I hope I have made a small difference in their lives, because they’ve certainly made a difference in mine.