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All LVSC programs are virtual during the pandemic. Click here for COVID-19 Support Resources.

One-to-One Tutoring

Our program is flexible.

What: You choose what you want to learn. These are your goals. Your tutor will create lessons just for you.  For example, you can learn how to:

  • Apply for a job,
  • Read a book to your children,
  • Make a doctor's appointment,
  • Get a driver's license, and so much more! 

When: You choose when you want to schedule your lessons. You decide with your tutor on a day and time for lessons.

Where: You and your tutor decide where you will meet. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you will learn online using the internet. After COVID-19, lessons will be in the library or a public place.

How Long: You will meet with your tutor every week for one hour. The time you spend with LVSC will depend on you. Every student is different.

How do I get a tutor?

  1. Click here to apply online.
  2. LVSC will contact you to schedule a short English test. The test will tell us about your abilities now. During COVID-19, the English test will be on Zoom. There is a $10 fee. 
  3. LVSC will contact you when a tutor is available. There is a $50 administrative fee when you are matched with a tutor. If you cannot pay $50, please pay what you can.
  4. You will meet every week with your tutor.  During COVID-19, tutoring will be on video chat or on the phone.
  5. Work with your tutor on your personal goals.  Examples of personal goals:
    1. Read to your children
    2. Complete a job application
    3. Get a driver's license
    4. Become a U.S. citizen
    5. Understand job-related materials
    6. Talk with children's teachers and help with homework
    7. Read menus, medicine bottles, and street signs
    8. ...and much more!

Why are there fees?

LVSC is a volunteer organization. It is not part of the government or the library. 

  • $10 is the cost to take your English test.
  • $50 is the cost to process your application and match you with a tutor. If you cannot pay $50, please pay what you can.

Tutoring and classes are free.

Student Application

The first step is to apply. Then you will take an English test. It costs $10 to take the test.

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