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Tutor Training

LVSC has developed a comprehensive training program for our tutors, preparing you for your first student. Trainers will show you how to work with your student to help develop reading, writing and speaking skills. The course includes guidance on setting effective goals, and using real-life materials to make your lessons relevant.

Training is created to ensure volunteers are well-prepared to work with low-literate adults. As such, trainees are expected to attend all sessions and complete online training modules in order to become certified literacy tutors.

Where is training held?

On your computer, in the comfort of your home! Training is virtual. There will be four sessions and a series of online modules that you can access through the Internet. Occasionally we offer in-person training at the PeopleCare Center for Nonprofits in Bridgewater, NJ.

How long is training?

The Tutor Training Workshop takes place over a 4-week period. You will receive 14 hours of training:

  • Six (6) hours of group training facilitated by a certified instructor
  • Eight (8) hours of independent instruction through an online training program 

What will I learn?

During the Tutor Training Workshop you will:

  • Discover how language is acquired.
  • Discover how adults learn effectively.
  • Learn the common characteristics of adult learners, specifically those whose first language is not English.
  • Practice techniques for setting goals.
  • Learn techniques to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Combine techniques you have learned with real-life materials to create relevant lessons.
  • Learn to develop lesson plans for your tutoring sessions.

Why is there a training fee?

LVSC is a small 501(c)3 non-profit organization which is not funded by the government. Our Tutor Training Workshop is taught by a certified instructor and includes purchased materials and a subscription to a professionally-developed online training program. To help defray the costs of the Tutor Training Workshop, we ask participants to make a $50 donation. This Training Fee can be paid online or by check prior to the first session.

What happens after training?

Tutors are carefully matched with a student or small group of students based on geography, availability, and interests.

  • Tutors will be given information about their student, including literacy level and literacy goals.
  • You will work with your student to set real-life goals. You will then create lessons plans structured to help your student improve their literacy skills to meet their goals.
  • You will meet with your student every week. You can meet virtually on a video chat platform, or in a public place such as the library. You will choose a location convenient and comfortable for both you and your student.
  • Tutoring sessions usually last for 1 to 1.5  hours per week. 
  • You will schedule tutoring sessions at a time convenient to both you and your student.  You can change your tutoring schedule if needed, and of course, you can both reschedule due to illness, vacation, etc. 

Can I charge students for tutoring after training?

No. Tutoring services are free to LVSC students.  Because of this policy, LVSC considers it inappropriate for tutors to take advantage of tutoring as a means of obtaining a skill, which they will use not to provide volunteer services, but to earn money. Accordingly, LVSC will not provide tutor training to any prospective tutor who intends to use tutor training in order to charge students for tutoring services.

Tutor Training Schedule

Training is provided to all LVSC volunteer tutors through a required 4-week workshop.  All workshop participants must first attend an Information Session.

Typically, the Tutor Training Workshop is held virtually on Zoom. Occasionally we offer an in-person Tutor Training Workshop in the PeopleCare Center on Finderne Avenue in Bridgewater, NJ.

In addition to attending the 4-week workshop, participants are also asked to complete four (4) online training modules prior to each weekly session.

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Please note: tutors and students can meet face-to-face in a public place, or remotely using video chat, or a combination of both.

If you have questions about LVSC, the training, or anything else, please call us at (908) 725-5430 or email us at

Trained tutors develop customized lessons to help students with their everyday needs.

Tutoring is offered at a time and place convenient to the student. Flexibility and useful lessons lead to success.

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