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Tutor Spotlights

Meet Norm

Image of Norm

Spotlight on Norm

Norm has a warm and encouraging personality that has helped many students thrive in the conversation group program.

LVSC Journey: After I retired, I wanted to find ways that I could “give back”. Susan Engelstein {LVSC’s Program & Events Manager} was a positive influence in pointing me toward the work that LVSC is doing.

Best LVSC Moment: There have been several such “moments” – reading many of the interesting pieces my students wrote for the newsletter; watching a student who sheepishly came to a first class, come back multiple times; but most of all, watching several students whose English just blossomed during the time I worked with them. Norm (far left) at a conversation group leader meeting.

Favorite Food: The problem is that I have too many favorites! But one is certainly sushi.

Hobbies: I’m a big Jazz fan; I’m an exerciser; I like to volunteer; I like to read, especially non-fiction (history) that I didn’t have the opportunity to do when I was working; and I like to work hard at being a good friend.

Favorite Book: I have several (often the latest one I’m reading). But one I really enjoyed was Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

R&R Spot: Often it is at my computer listening to YouTubes of Jazz artists I like. Sometimes it is in front of the TV enjoying a Netflix movie or series.