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Tutor Spotlights

Meet Bridget

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Spotlight on Bridget

Bridget manages the family farm, loves learning languages, and is a big fan of K-dramas.

LVSC Journey:  I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in the late 1980s and soon thereafter put my new skills to the test as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa and later in France before settling down back in the U.S. with my husband to raise a family. As soon as my maternal duties became less time-consuming I became a tutor with LVSC where the need was real and I felt could help make a difference. That was in March 2016.

Inspiring LVSC Moment: I had the privilege of accompanying the gentleman I had been working with to his citizenship interview. I got to witness the burst of emotions—shock, relief, gratitude, excitement, acceptance, JOY—all expressed in his radiant smile when he walked out the door of his interview room toward me as a brand new citizen of the USA!

Day Job: “Farm Manager:” Since moving to our small, semi-rural property in Hillsborough, our family has raised various species of livestock (sheep, goats, cows, donkeys, chickens). I had the agricultural background and expertise so became the de facto ‘farm manager’, a ‘position’ I’m pleased to hold to this day.

Favorite Quote: Back in 1865, Ezra Cornell, cofounder of Cornell University, stated that he “…would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” I majored in International Agriculture and General Studies there and found that to be true, and life-changing.

Favorite Food: The mango! In my experience, it really is better to ‘eat local’ whenever possible as far as mangoes are concerned. :)

Hobbies: Somewhere between passions and hobbies lie three of my abiding loves.

  1. Languages: learning and working toward achieving communicative competence.
  2. Everything sheep related: raising, wool, dying wool with natural dyes, and knitting.
  3. Books: acquiring, reading, and cherishing.

Favorite Book:  I have a shelf of my 10 favorite books, some of which have retained their place since I made my initial selections and others that have taken the places of original contenders as I’ve grown as a reader and have broadened my literary horizons. My pick today as my favorite book is one that stands out, having long held its spot among the Top 10, The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough. It’s about the fascinating history and building of the Panama Canal.

R&R Spot: I rarely sit still anywhere long enough to have a favorite spot for R&R but I do have a guilty pleasure: watching K-dramas on Netflix (no more than one episode a day) which serves the same purpose. I discovered them thanks to one of my LVSC students (and now good friend). I watched Crash Landing on You upon her recommendation and was hooked!