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Student Spotlights

Meet Andrea

Image of Andrea's Award-Winning Poem

Spotlight on Andrea's Award-Winning Poem

Andrea won a statewide writing contest.

Congratulations to LVSC student Andrea who won a writing contest sponsored by the New Jersey Association of Lifelong Learning (NJALL).

Andrea is originally from Costa Rica. She has been studying English for two years. During the pandemic, Andrea was a dedicated participant in LVSC’s Zoom conversation groups and was an insightful member of LVSC's Cultural Connections project. She is also a prolific writer and frequent contributor to Connections, LVSC’s Student Newsletter. 

I found these literacy programs in the middle of the pandemic.  It was a blessing in disguise. To all my teachers, may God continue to bless you and your work.  I give thanks as well to my wonderful children and my encouraging husband.

Andrea’s shared her prize-winning poem at LVSC's Annual Meeting & Recognition Event.

Costa Rica, Puntarenas, Reminiscences
By Andrea Serrano

The breeze touches my face,
And the smell of sea and fish is still in my mind.
What beautiful place is in my heart,
Returning my memories of the blue of the sky?
Puntarenas “Dona Ana”, the sadness and happiness where “mama” took us.

My feet sink into the sand,
Running and playing with my sisters.
Mama prepared the simple food.
Who is giving her a hand?

Enormous trees like Giants,
Monkeys hang on the branches,
Looking at you in a defiant way.

The Sun burns your cheeks.
The hot Sun leads to the sea.
The waves play with you.
You find the shells like precious ivory
Building castles in funny rivalry.

Big Turtle in the middle of the Shore, representing majestic love.
Many memories come and go like soft and mad sea waves
I hope one day to return to the beautiful place
Where one little piece of my heart is left.