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Student Spotlights

Meet Kim

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Spotlight on Kim

Kim describes LVSC as a place to learn English, have a sense of humanity, and see America in a positive light.

Congratulations to Kyoungeun Kim, an LVSC student who gave an inspiring speech to a crowd of 100 LVSC supporters and tutors at LVSC’s 2022 Golf Fore Literacy event.

You would never be able to guess that the young woman standing at the podium with such grace and poise had any difficulty adjusting to life in the U.S.  However, Kim faced many challenges when she first arrived in this country. 

I felt like a giant baby, not knowing anything.  It was difficult to communicate with people.  Americans treated me like a native, talking really fast. -Kim

Kim with conversation group leader Lisa at the Golf Fore Literacy event.Kim described herself as lacking confidence and the ability to understand English.  She said, “It was hard to catch up!”

Through LVSC’s Zoom conversation classes, Kim met others like herself - students wanting to learn English.  She became braver over time, and even though she professes to be an introvert, she challenged herself to break out of her comfort zone and speak more often.  She knew that conversation class was her “stable world where mistakes were accepted and opinions could be shared.”

Kim describes LVSC as a place not only to learn English, but also as a way to develop strong beliefs, have a sense of humanity, and see America in a positive light.

I am so thankful to LVSC for giving me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. -Kim

LVSC conversation group leaders Bonnie & Lisa enjoyed dinner with Kim and her husband.Kim’s story is one of personal growth – and how the power of improving English can transform your confidence and sense of self.  It is also a testimony to how LVSC’s conversation groups act as life-lines to students, giving them a safe space to practice English as well as deepen their connection to others.