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Tutor-Student Meeting Policy

The LVSC meeting policy is periodically updated. All changes will be communicated to tutors and students here and by email.

LVSC MEETING POLICIES (effective 2/1/2023)

Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County (LVSC) is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for tutors, students, and staff. For this reason we support both in-person and remote programming. For in-person meetings, please keep in mind the following: 


  • If either tutor or student prefers to wear a mask, this choice must be respected.  
  • Click here to read the CDC's recent guidance regarding Covid-19.


  • Please choose a public location to meet such as a library, park, coffee shop, etc.
  • Libraries are the most common choice for tutoring; please check with your local library for up-to-date information about their meeting policies.
  • Tutoring locations should not present a hardship to student or tutor, by requiring a long travel distance, obligation to buy a coffee, entrance fee, etc. 

 Please note:

  • Our meeting policy does not permit home tutoring, or tutors and students driving each other to or from tutoring sessions.
  • Bear in mind that many students will agree with a tutor out of deference. Students can and should say “no” to face-to-face sessions if they are not comfortable with that option. 
  • LVSC cannot guarantee or verify whether a student or tutor has been vaccinated. If either tutor or student has any hesitation about meeting face-to-face, please do not meet in-person.
  • If either tutor or student is not feeling well, do not meet in-person. 


I’m vaccinated but my tutor (or student) said they are not vaccinated and don’t plan on getting vaccinated. What should I do? 

People may choose not to vaccinate for a variety of reasons; please be respectful and sensitive to each individual’s choices. If you are not comfortable working face-to-face, please work remotely or contact our office to discuss your specific match. 

Remote tutoring works for us. Is it mandatory that we meet in-person? 

No. You are welcome to tutor remotely. LVSC is proud to offer a hybrid program. Students and tutors can choose the meeting format that works best for their sessions.  

Do conversation groups meet face-to-face?

We offer both in-person conversation groups and virtual conversation groups. Students can attend as many as they would like. Please see our schedule for up-to-date information. 

Is LVSC staff in the office?

LVSC staff is in the office Tuesday through Friday 10am to 3pm (unless we are offsite for a meeting), and by appointment. We work from home on Monday.

If you have any further questions about this policy, please call the LVSC office at (908) 725-5430 or email the staff at