Online Resources

The internet has unlimited resources for teaching adult literacy.  Below is a list of some of those resources.

Here is a helpful worksheet for Teaching Pronunciation

  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Multi-level listening activities and quizzes
  • Story Corps- Oral history projects website with thousands of recorded interviews
  • English Central - Listening, speaking and vocabulary activities based on wide range of videos. Basic membership is free (requires an email registration).
  • Listening Master! - Listening activities based on a game show format. Arranged by level and topic
  • Many Things: Listen and Read Along - Series of passages arranged by topic that students can read along as they listen
  • Real English - Online videos of spontaneous dialogues of people interviewed on the street. Includes follow up activities
  • elllo - Videos with follow up vocabulary and comprehension quizzes. Transcripts of the dialogues are provided as well as downloadable PDFs for classroom activities
  • California Distance Learning Project - Listen and read along news articles with follow up vocabulary and comprehension activities
  • Manythings - Naturally Spoken English passages with transcripts
  • Manythings - Minimal pair quizzes plus read, listen and repeat activities focused on consonant clusters, word stress and tongue twisters
  • Rachel’s English - Video lessons on sounds and connected speech
  • Marsha Chan's Pronunciation Doctor YouTube - Video lessons on pronunciation, listening, connected speech and more
  • English Club - A British English site, but has some helpful lessons on word stress and connected speech, quizzes, and interactive games
  • Interactive Color Vowel Chart - Visual tool for teaching the vowel sounds of English
  • Sounds of English - Classroom activities and downloadable printouts for pronunciation games
  • Literacy Net - English activities and quizzes along with information about living in the US
  • Lit Link - A resource with several lessons and activies on learning English
  • Quizlet - create study sets and play games to review vocabulary. Requires an account, but no other cost.
  • ESL Station - gives more links to different dictionary tools.
  • Thesaurus - for finding definitions, antonyms, and synonyms.
  • Idiom Site - An alphabetical list of idioms and their meanings
  • English Forums - A list of 20 popular idioms with their meanings
  • EFL Net - Examples and definitions of many idioms
  • About Education - Examples, practices, and quizzes on idioms

For Beginners:

More Advanced:

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