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Tutor Spotlights

Meet Lois

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Spotlight on Lois

Lois is a semi-retired project manager who found LVSC in her search for a rewarding one-to-one volunteer experience.

LVSC Journey: I first became an LVSC volunteer after I completed my training in October 2021. I chose to get involved with LVSC because I’ve always enjoyed volunteering my time and giving back to the community.  I decided I wanted to make a more direct impact by working one-on-one with someone so tutoring a student was a logical choice.

Best LVSC Moment: There are so many!  The progress that {my student} Sally has made has been amazing. Hearing how her children (and husband) are so proud of her warms my heart and I know it means the world to her – so we all win!  Additionally, being asked to speak at LVSC’s Fall Soiree was a defining moment for Sally – she recognizes her abilities and the successes of her hard work – and this of course is inspiring to me.

Lois and student Sally sharing their tutoring journey at LVSC's 2022 Fall Soiree.Day Job: I’m semi-retired. After leaving my job of 20 years in 2019 as an information systems program/project manager, I’ve worked on a few assignments as a PM consultant.  This allows me flexibility to work when I want and take the time I want to do things that are important to me – like being a tutor.

Favorite Quote: “When you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance,” from the song by Lee Ann Womack.

Favorite Food: My mother was Lebanese and a wonderful cook – my favorites being Tabbouleh, Sfeeha and Baklava.

Hobbies: Home remodeling projects, traveling and, of course, volunteering.

R&R Spot: Kripalu, a yoga retreat in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.  I’ve been going there every fall for the last dozen or so years (except during Covid).  It’s a place to wind down, disconnect from electronics and reset my brain and body!