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Tutor Spotlights

Meet Rick

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Spotlight on Rick

Rick's focus on teaching real-life English skills led him to assist his student at a meeting with a leasing agent.

LVSC Journey: I became involved with LVSC in February 2020 when I went through Tutor Training.  I did not fully begin tutoring in earnest until the summer of 2021 due to Covid.

February 2020 Training. Rick, second row from left. 

Day Job: Retired. After retiring from the corporate world, I wanted to give back to the community.  I recall during my career there were times I was called upon to train colleagues.  I always enjoyed this component of my job and thought I could use it effectively with tutoring.

Memorable LVSC Moment: When I was asked by my student to accompany him to meet with a leasing agent in order to secure an apartment for his family.  I felt that assisting in this real “life event” was impactful to my student.

Hobbies: I enjoy working out at the gym, walking outdoors, and studying film history.

R&R Spot: I enjoy going to the beach late in the afternoon.