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Meet Stella

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Spotlight on Stella

"Literacy is so much more than just reading for pleasure; it is helping people improve their lives."

Stella is a trained LVSC tutor and assessor. In July 2023 she was hired as the Literacy Navigator for the First Steps Beginner English program, funded by Somerset County.

LVSC Journey I completed my tutor training in April 2021. Reading books has always been a big part of my life. My initial goal was to help others learn to read and enjoy the world that books can open up. But as I worked with students it became clear that it was so much more than just reading for pleasure, it was helping people improve their lives.

Proudest LVSC Moment: My student told me I had changed her life because she felt empowered and she had a voice to use.

Day Job: I am a retired massage therapist.  I was an instructor at the massage school I attended where I taught anatomy and physiology as well as massage techniques.

Favorite Food: My husband and I enjoy all types of savory dishes from Thai, Mexican, Indian, and my new favorite Cajun. But 20 years ago I would have said Italian food was my favorite. 

Stella (far right) and her husband at LVSC's 2023 Annual Meeting.Hobbies: I love curling up with my dogs and reading, going out for walks in different parks, arts and crafts, and dancing.

Favorite Book: Whatever book I’m currently reading.

R&R Spot: My happy place has always been the beach. My favorite time of the day on the beach is late afternoon when the crowds are heading home and the sun is lower. I love to sit and listen to the waves as I read a book bundled up in a light blanket.