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Tutor Spotlights

Meet Lisa, 2021 Tutor of the Year

Image of Lisa

Spotlight on Lisa

A creative tutor & conversation group leader, Lisa created an online lesson library to share during the pandemic.

Inspiring LVSC Moment: When I share a funny word or comment with my students, I realize that not only did they understand the concept, the laughter bonds us together. In that moment you realize what the power of language can do.

Day Job: I am a former HR professional who specialized in expatriate leadership and development.

Favorite Food: It’s a difficult task to pick just one favorite food because I love to eat!  My favorites are sushi, steak, cannoli and s’mores, but, I also can’t forget to mention chocolate.  Honestly, everything is better with chocolate!

Hobbies: I love reading and writing (how shocking from a literacy tutor, right?) and after many years of promising my children, I finally wrote a children’s book of my own. Also, because I love to eat, I try to stay active and do some form of fitness every day ????.  Lastly, even though I am a complete novice, I love to garden and valiantly try to keep my flowers and veggies alive!

Favorite Book: I love Exodus by Leon Uris.  It’s an older book but the story and message is timeless – it inspires you to remember that despite the incredible hardships of the past and obstacles that may lay in your path, fiercely believing in something can make the impossible, quite possible. 

R&R Spot: The beach is definitely my happy place.  The sound of the waves crashing and the sand in my toes always relaxes and restores me.