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Meet Donna

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Spotlight on Donna

"I found that LVSC is the perfect place to be trained to volunteer and achieve more of my goal of helping others."

LVSC Journey: I have been tutoring at LVSC since 2007. My main goal has always been to help others. As a result of exploring various opportunities, I found that LVSC was the perfect place to be trained to volunteer and achieve more of this goal on a one-on-one basis. I have had multiple marvelous students, each with unique goals. My students have been able to reach most of their goals and have become valued members of the community.

Proudest LVSC Moments: I was recognized as Tutor of the Year in 2009 and Volunteer of the Year in 2015. Though I am very proud of all of my students, one was the first to be named as a Student Representative on the LVSC Board. In addition, she became a university professor with a Master's degree. Also, some reached public speaking goals and contributed to LVSC training sessions.

Day Job: I have been working for many years in pharmaceutical companies in various IT areas promoting quality and compliance for business computer systems.  I spent 21 years in Johnson & Johnson and in multiple consulting companies since then with various pharmaceutical clients; currently Senior Validation Scientist, CSM.

Favorite Quote: I learned these important mottos from my parents: “Always Think Positive,” “Practice Makes Perfect,” and “Live, Laugh, Love.”

Favorite Food: Mexican Burritos/Tacos, Seafood (Lobster, Crab) and Pizza

Hobbies: Helping others, vegetable gardening, park or dinner outings and travel with family and friends.

Favorite Book: Annie, On Golden Pond, and Butterflies are Free. Also, Charles Dickens' classic stories, especially around holiday time.

R&R Spot:  Flower gardens with butterflies, shore areas like Wildwood Crest/Cape May, places with palm trees, and quaint historic villages like Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.