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Tutor Spotlights

Meet Maureen, 2022 Tutor of the Year

Image of Maureen

Spotlight on Maureen

Maureen's can-do attitude inspired LVSC to adopt virtual programming in the early days of the pandemic.

LVSC Journey: I became an LVSC volunteer in Feb 2020, right before Covid lockdown! My motivation was due to the fact that I would be retiring from my job as a school nurse, and I was looking for a path where I could continue helping people.

Memorable LVSC Moment: The most memorable moment was when my first student's young son wrote a message during a Zoom session to thank me for teaching his dad to speak English!

Day Job: Although I am retired, I am exploring the possibility of returning as a school nurse on a part-time basis. Currently, my "day job" involves playing pickleball, reading, and visiting homebound parishioners from St. Ann Church.

Favorite Quote: "Smile! And smile generously.  It's amazing how a generous smile can literally lift people's spirits!" by Matthew Kelly    

Favorite Food: Thai cuisine. I truly enjoy the interesting blend of flavors and ingredients.

Favorite Book: A Simple Path, by Mother Teresa and Lucinda Vardey.

R&R Spot: Anywhere with my husband, Jim!  The setting would likely be Cabo San Lucas in Mexico or Ocean City, NJ.