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The Literacy Letter: 2021 Annual Meeting Edition

The Literacy Letter is LVSC's e-Newsletter

Read the Annual Meeting Edition of The Literacy Letter HERE.

In this Issue:

  • Reflections from the Board President, Phil Armenio
  • LVSC's Transformative Journey - Video
  • A Word from the Executive Director, Aimee Lam
  • Executive Director's Annual Report
  • Congratulations to LVSC's 2021 Annual Meeting Award Recipients
    • Monica Oblites, Student of the Year
    • Lisa Ries, Tutor of the Year
    • Mary Riccardi, Alma C. Liotta Award for Excellence
    • Patricia Flannery, Martha Davis Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service
    • Mark Winfield Wetherbee: Volunteer Excellence Award
    • Crystal Dionysopoulou of Lucid Fox, Community Partner Award