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Student Spotlights

Meet Yesika

Image of Yesika

Spotlight on Yesika

Working with a tutor gave Yesika the courage to share her language journey at LVSC's fall fundraising event.

This is a wonderful program, and what I think is really good about it is the one-to-one sessions. Because talking with your tutor one-on-one allows you to discuss your needs. I feel like this way, I'm sure I learn what I need.

Yesika is a very impressive woman.  A single, working mom, she has been able to provide a stable and secure life for her son, Gabe. Because Gabe has special needs, Yesika’s whole focus was getting him extra support and resources. Now that Gabe has graduated from high school and art school, Yesika has some goals of her own. That brought her to LVSC.

I applied because I already had a little bit of a grasp on the English language, but I knew that I needed to improve. I put that on hold for many years because … I have a son, and he's autistic. So, I focused on him for many years. Now, he's a young man, and now I have a chance to focus more on myself.

Like many students, Yesika was nervous to meet her tutor for the first time.

I really didn't know what to expect, and to be honest with you, I was praying for a good tutor. Because of the experiences I've had with my son, I know that finding a good match is very important.

Yesika said that her “prayers were answered” when she met her tutor, Ellie.  Ellie was a newly trained tutor eager to meet her student and help her work towards her goals.  The two clicked immediately and their warm and trusting relationship was on full display when they shared their experiences to a crowd of over 75 supporters and friends (and a very proud Gabe) at LVSC’s 2023 Fall Soiree at the Montgomery Library. 

Yesika (center) with her LVSC tutor Ellie and son Gabe.

Congratulations Yesika, for dedicating yourself to learning English in order to improve opportunities for you and for Gabe, and for having the courage to speak in English in front of a group of strangers! 

This is only the start of Yesika’s English journey. Working with Ellie, she already gained the confidence to negotiate with her insurance company to lower her bill. Now she is looking toward her next goal: she plans to apply for U.S. citizenship. Ellie and LVSC will be there to support Yesika along the way.