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Student Spotlights

Meet Monica, 2021 Student of the Year

Image of Monica

Spotlight on Monica

"I always think that people who you meet along the road it is for a purpose."

Congratulations to Monica, a dedicated volunteer and student leader who inspires others by acting as a spokesperson and role model.

I always think that people who you meet along the road it is for a purpose. That happened to me a few years ago. I had the opportunity to start at LVSC participating in a conversation group at Somerville Library. I remember that we were a multicultural group, we were enthusiastic, persistent and had a lot of eagerness to learn and / or reinforce our knowledge of English. Later, I would get a tutor: Donna with whom I met just over two years ago. -Monica

Originally from Peru, Monica and her husband settled in Bridgewater where they raised their two children. Their daughter is completing college and their son graduated college and works as an engineer. 

Monica has been meeting regularly with her tutor, Donna.  Donna reports that Monica has shown total dedication to improving her English, diligently attending their weekly two-hour sessions, and completing her homework. As a result, Monica has made great progress in improving her speaking, listening, and writing skills. Monica now writes creative inspirational short stories and has contributed pieces for LVSC’s student newsletter. She has read and summarized six full novels over the last year!

Throughout all this time Donna's help has been, and it is still, invaluable. She has helped me discover that I enjoy writing short stories about different topics because it allows me to let my imagination fly. Donna encourages and supports me to continue improving my English. Her advice is always welcome, and I show that it is never too late to learn new things and take actions that make us feel good about ourselves. -Monica

Monica chooses to give back by volunteering both at LVSC's Community Spelling Bee and holiday gift wrapping fundraisers, and by attending LVSC events. She is an amazing individual and treasured member of the LVSC community!

Tutor, Student, & Friends: Monica and Donna during a Zoom tutoring session.