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Student Spotlights

Meet Jean, 2023 Student of the Year

Image of Jean

Spotlight on Jean

"I wanted help with my English so I can do better at work and also talk to my daughters about school."

Jean is originally from a city called Alajuega in Costa Rica. Married with two daughters, he has been in the U.S. for five years and works as a cook in a restaurant. 

Jean and family at LVSC's Annual Meeting & Recognition Night.Jean learned about LVSC at the Manville Library.  He was matched with his tutor Rick, and they have been working diligently together for two years. 

With help from Rick, Jean has been able to navigate a move to a new home and enroll his children in a new school. 

When my family and I were moving, I had to call different rental agents.  I had to speak English for information for price and size of apartment.  Rick and I practiced words about housing or apartments – for example, the words, landlord, neighbor, security deposit, etc.  When we moved, we had to move our children to a new school.  During my talk with Rick, we practiced filling out a school application.

Jean and Rick in the Manville library.It is for his hard work and dedication to improving his English, that LVSC is pleased to name Jean 2023 Student of the Year. 

Jean proudly accepted the award at LVSC’s Annual Meeting in June, speaking in English to a large group, and showing how far he has come on his language journey.

I want to say thank you for giving me this honor.  Also, thank you to all of you for giving time for me and other students.