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Student Spotlights

Meet Hennadii

Image of Hennadii

Spotlight on Hennadii

Hannadii enjoys the beach and road trips.

Journey: Hello, my name is Hennadii. I came to the USA in July 2022. I was born and lived in Ukraine.

Biggest surprise when arriving in the USA: I was surprised that the USA is an international state. But despite the fact that everyone is different, many are always happy to help you in almost all matters.

Experience using skills learned at LVSC: The skills I acquired in language courses helped me a lot when making an appointment with a doctor, booking or ordering in a restaurant, and calling specialists to solve everyday issues.

Favorite food: My favorite food is Ukrainian dishes: borscht with lard, vareniki (pirogi), and many more.

Hobbies: My hobbies are varied, but my favorite is traveling to nature by car.

Favorite movie: I like to watch action, fantasy, and detective.

R&R spot: I love relaxing on a warm day on the beach with a cold beer in my hands and surrounded by family.