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Student Spotlights

Meet Gunther

Image of Gunther

Spotlight on Gunther

Gunther enjoys reading, listening to music and watching movies.

Journey: I was born in Chile, my wife in the USA, and my children in Argentina. I arrived in the United States at the end of September 2021. My family had arrived from Argentina in March 2021, so in September we all met again.

Biggest surprise when arriving in the USA: Many things surprised me:

  • The immensity of its roads with all their signs.
  • The landscape engineering behind the roads. The center islands are responsible for "hiding" them from view. I can go through one of them and at the same time there is another that I don't see.
  • The feeling of security. You can hold your phone or bag in public without people stealing.
  • Order and respect for the rules.
  • Self-discipline that is generally perceived in people.
  • Care for the environment.
  • Job opportunities.
  • The great cultural diversity and respect for it.

Experience using skills learned at LVSC: I am looking to buy a house and talking to people is getting better.

Favorite food: In general, homemade and regional meals.

  • In Chile: cazuela, tomaticán, corn cake, potato cake, pino and/or mariscos, empanadas, plateada, humitas.
  • In Argentina: asado, choripán, chicken empanadas, locro.

Hobbies: Practice outdoor activities, read, listen to music, watch movies.

Favorite book: One of the books that has caught my attention is Juan Salvador Gaviota, by Richard Bach. Another is A new paradigm of reality? by Gonzalo Rodriguez Fraile.

Favorite movie: Lately, one of the movies that has surprised me is Our Home.

R&R spot: I really like to sit under the shade of trees or grapevines. If I have the chance, at the seashore.