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Congratulations, Sheryl Guss & PeopleCare Center: 2023 Community Partner Award

The PeopleCare Center provides friendly and affordable space for nonprofits like LVSC.

On June 7, 2023 Sheryl Guss & the PeopleCare Center for Nonprofits received LVSC's Community Partner Award. This award is given to an individual or organization which provides extraordinary support in collaborating with LVSC.

The PeopleCare Center is a repurposed school building that provides stable, affordable rent to nonprofit agencies at below market costs. Sheryl has been the PeopleCare Center’s executive director since 2017. During her tenure, she has successfully rented every available space and given the place a fresh, clean look.

Sheryl Guss, receiving the Community Partner Award.LVSC has been a tenant of the PeopleCare Center for more than 25 years. We had our humble start in 1981 working from our founder’s home. Then, we moved to our current location at the PeopleCare Center, renting a small office. This year, when we opened the Student Success Center in the building, it was our first physical expansion in decades. We also cleaned out our administrative office, a project which was long overdue.  These two major accomplishments would not have been possible without Sheryl.

From the minute the new space became available she advocated on our behalf – from rent considerations, to renovations, to our Open House, she was incredibly supportive. Additionally, Sheryl and the custodial staff were helpful and patient as we cleaned through and updated our office; it was a very large (slow!) project. They helped us clear garbage and recycle, move furniture, and even found “new to us” furniture for the office.

The collaboration between the PeopleCare Center and LVSC is a living example of the quote 'alone we can do little but together we can do so much. -Sheryl Guss

Sheryl & family at LVSC's Annual Meeting & Recognition Night.

LVSC is grateful to Sheryl as well as the PeopleCare Center staff and board, for providing us with an affordable, vibrant place to manage our programs, deliver services, and welcome volunteers and students. We thank you for being our valued partner and helping us to achieve our mission of teaching everyday English and building community through literacy.