U.S. Citizenship Preparation Classes

Interested in becoming a U.S. citizen?  Attend an Information Session and learn more about the process and LVSC's class.  Registration at the library is required.

Have you already applied for U.S. citizenship?  Will you apply in the next 12 months?  Can you speak and understand English?  You may be eligible for LVSC's free seven-week class which focusses on the civics, history, and vocabulary needed to pass the citizenship test and interview.  Registration for the 7-week class will take place during the Information Session. 


  • Students should be legal U.S. residents with plans to take the U.S. citizenship exam within the next year. 
  • Students should be able to converse in English.
  • Students should attend every class.

 U.S. Citizenship Preparation Class Schedule*






Information Session

Class   Start  

Class End 




Warren Township Public Library

Mar 30 Apr 6 May 18

One-to-One tutoring for U.S. Citizenship Preparation is also available.  Please call LVSC at (908) 725-5430 for more information.

*Registration required at each library.