Mission and History


The mission of Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County (LVSC) is to promote literacy throughout the community by providing student-centered tutoring and literacy programs for adults so that they may function more effectively in their daily lives.  Our mission is founded on the belief that the ability to read and communicate in English is imperative to leading a productive life, and is essential for the protection of individual freedom and equality of all people. 

Increased adult literacy rates benefit the entire community. Adults with low literacy skills are often unable to find work, advance in their careers, or are underemployed. They are often less likely to be involved in their child’s education and more likely to live in poverty.  With newly obtained literacy skills, LVSC’s clients become productive employees earning family-sustaining income, involved parents, better informed consumers, and engaged citizens.

founderLVSC’s founder, retired school teacher Alma Liotta  

Originally founded in 1981 to provide one-to-one tutoring to American-born adults who could not read, LVSC’s services have expanded to serve the fast-growing population of Somerset County adults who are unable to speak, read, write, and communicate in English.  These hard-working individuals are eager to contribute to their communities, but lack the literacy skills to do so.  Today, in addition to the cornerstone Tutoring Program, LVSC has expanded its free program offering to include English Conversation Groups and U.S. Citizenship Preparation Classes.

While the size of its program has grown over the years, LVSC remains a community-focused nonprofit organization committed to building stronger communities and empowering local adults through literacy.